july self-care

July Self-Care + Summer Goals!

It’s time to pull out your July Self-Care Pages and start planning your self-care and your goals for this month!

I’m a huge fan of scheduling self-care into your day, it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable. It’s harder to brush it off or not make time for it when it’s already scheduled into your day!

Let’s talk July Self-Care Goals!

What’s one thing you want to work on this month? Something project-related? Creative? Personal growth? Mental Health? Self-care?
Even if you just want to work on getting better/more sleep or drinking more water, any goal is a good goal!

What’s one thing you want to feel proud about on July 31st? 

It’s also important to focus on mental health!

Sometimes it’s hard to say “I’m struggling right now.” or “I need help right now.” One of the biggest tools you can learn when it comes to your mental health is identifying how you’re feeling at any given time. I used to ignoreignoreignore how depressed/anxious I was feeling and then I would fall flat on my ass. Be so anxious that my agoraphobia kicked in and I’d be unable to leave the house or I’d become so depressed that I would spend days in bed crying and not knowing what was wrong.

My biggest mental health superpower is being able to acknowledge when I’m at ? and then knowing what to do to stop myself from going any further and the secret to that is self-care.

So the first step for you today is acknowledging where you are right now. Are your anxiety/depression levels pretty low and you’re in a good mood? Are you ignoring the fact that you’re starting to struggle by trying to stay busy? Or are you stretching yourself thin when you need to turn that energy inward and take care of yourself?

Once you answer that question the next question is what do you need, what do you REALLY need, to feel better?

What’s your summer self-care?

What’s your summer self-care? If you need more ideas on how to incorporate summer with your self-care check out this free challenge!

I always listen to audiobooks when I work at my other job and last night I decided to listen to Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella and it just gave me all the summer feels. There are just some books that make you wish you had your feet in a pool. So I came home and made a list of important summer self-care activities. 

What’s your summer self-care?