Life’s Ebb and Flow

Over on the Soul Sisterhood last week we were talking about the spirals and cycles of life and emotions. How do we handle it when we’re doing good and then life sends us back to square one.

Life is not linear. It’s full of ups and downs. Sometimes we’re there and sometimes we’re not. Life is not meant to be lived on one emotion, in one color, we need a scope of them. An expanse of colors that make us feel and that change us. That’s life and those ups and downs mean that you are living it. It means that you get to fall down and get back up. It means that you get to show yourself how very strong and brave and resilient you are. ‘Cause you are, so brave and strong and resilient.

“There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it’s sent away.” -Sarah Kay

Today’s card comes from Steven Farmer’s Earth Magic deck and is so relevant to me right now with where I am, especially in my business. I’m going through a slump. I keep reminding myself that  just because I’m having a slow month doesn’t mean I need to give up. I think that applies to just about everything, you know the adage “a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life”.

Ocean: Ebb and Flow

“An important aspect in the art of living is to move with the ebb and flow of your emotions, joining their fluidity but not being captured by it. It is also not necessary to become obsessed with any particular fluctuation in mood or feeling. They are simply emotions, often activated in ways that are completely beyond your understanding. When you neither minimize nor exaggerate the intensity and importance of your emotions, you then have a greater sense of when and how to express them.

You have been fighting the ebb and flow of your own feelings… allow yourself to swim with these variations rather than resisting them.

The ebb and flow of Life was never more clearly represented than it is in the ocean. The tides of these great bodies of water move in and out with rhythm and the waves continue to roll in and out on the shores with varying patterns and have been doing so for millions of years and will continue to do so for millions of more.” – Earth Magic Oracle Cards” by ©Steven D. Farmer

Things will always get better. There’s always a bright side, you are strong enough and brave enough to get through any rough spot.

You totally got this.