Loss and Grief

Loss and Grief – An Oracle Message

“Great Spirits and Guides, please share with me your wisdom….”

Today the card that I pulled for you… for me… for us… was a deep one. The Lady of the Harvest from Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle. She represents completion, grief, loss, and release.

loss and grief

Grab a hot cup of tea, a blanket, and snuggle down to listen to her wisdom.

The Lady of the Harvest is here to tell us about the grieving process. There are several processes of grief. Shock/denial, anger/guilt, emotional storm, acceptance, regaining of perspective, the beginning of healing, and then the deepening of our capacity to deal. It makes us stronger.

The Lady of the Harvest understands this process and is here with a gentle hand to guide us… lovingly… through the twists and turns of the process.

Little losses, big losses, we all go through this process in some manner.

Sometimes it is over in a matter of minutes, sometimes it takes years. It’s okay either way.

On the other side of this deep, difficult, process, is something positive. When we reach the other side of grief we feel lighter and happier, we realize that we are stronger than we thought we were. Despite the pain, despite the grief, this is a gift. Someday we will see it as such. We will look back and realize how in that moment we were transforming. This card represents both the patient acceptance of loss and the joyful celebration of liberation.

Loss can also be joyful and liberating. How many times have you let go of something and felt glad? Sometimes we even happily anticipate letting go of something so that we can move onto something better. That is a cause for celebration.

Now is the time to move on, to begin to heal, and to embrace what comes next. Releasing the past, traveling through that process of grief, leads to strength and power.

Do not be defined by your grief, do not be defined by your past.

Cry over your losses, be joyful if that is appropriate, but in either case, trust the process, acknowledge what you feel, and go forward.

Are you dealing with grief? Are you finding the process difficult? Journal about what you are feeling, allow yourself to slowly navigate the path of grief.

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