Love Notes: It Will Be Okay.

Hello my sweetlings. I wrote this a few days ago, in my Self Love Planner, when I was having a rough time and I wanted to share it today.

it will be okay

“Today is one of those days where I am just bubbling over with anxiety. I hate for it to be quiet. I hate for there to be a microsecond of silence. Right now, while I write, I am also watching tv on my computer. The moment the show ends, and there’s that stretch of silence I panic until there’s sound again. The sound chases away the thoughts, you know? It gives me something else to concentrate on.

I have to face the silence eventually.

I have a message for you and for me:


It will be okay.

Take a deep breath.

If you aren’t ready to deal with it today. That’s okay.

Realize that it will get better. Maybe not today.

Maybe not even tomorrow.

But it will get better.

I promise.

I cross my heart.

So deep, deep, breath. As deep as you can.

You know that person that always makes you laugh?

Talk to them.


Or that thing that makes you giggle wildly.

Go do it.

Surround yourself with love in its very many forms.

It will pull you through.

It’s going to be okay.”

It will be okay.

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