you are worthy

Love Notes: You Have Worth, You Are Worthy

 I love sharing notes of love with you and with everyone else as well! Please pay it forward and send this to those that you feel need to hear it. Spread the love! Let the ones that you care about know how much they are loved and appreciated! (You can see more love notes right here)

You are worthy. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you aren’t.

Your worth is defined by how you feel about yourself, not how other people feel about you.

Remember that.

There will be people who will make you feel used and discarded.

It doesn’t change your worth. Not even a little bit. You are still everything that you were before. You still hold the same value and magic, even when it feels like you don’t.

There will be times when you forget your worth. So many times.

The times when you remember, when you embrace it, those moments are real.

You do not have to prove your worth to anyone.

You do not have to give and give and give until you are empty to show someone that you have worth.

There will be people who will meet you where you are and value you there. Love them fiercely.

Find the people that make you feel like you are dipped in gold.

Be that person for yourself too.

Know that you have worth.

You are worthy.

You are worthy of love.