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Magic Manifesting: Tarot and Oracle Cards

It’s Magic Manifesting Monday, which means it’s time for your weekly dose of magic and witchery! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the most popular forms of Divination: tarot and oracle cards.

tarot oracle cards

Now, you’ll find all sorts of reasonings as to the how tarot and oracle cards work. My personal belief is that the cards are guided by our Higher Selves or by whatever Big Energy is watching out for us. I think that our Spirits are very wise and know things that we don’t normally have access to. It’s all a matter of being still and asking that part of us for guidance.

I am by no means an “expert”, but I do feel a kinship with my cards. I feel different energies from them and have always found my readings to be honest and affirming. Sometimes I dislike what they say, but it’s similar to asking a friend for advice, sometimes you’re going to hear what you don’t want to hear.

I had a practice at the beginning of the year of doing a reading at the beginning of every week and then documenting what cards turned up.

I was going through a really tough time in my life then and I was having a lot of problems with my best friend at the time. She and I had pretty much ended our friendship and I remember getting either the Three of Swords or the Nine of Swords in almost every reading. These cards represent heartbreak and depression, which was exactly what I was going through.

Not only do the cards affirm what we already know, but they act as a guide when we are facing difficult situations, they can unearth issues that we have buried and not dealt with, and most importantly they facilitate the belief in your intuition.

You are powerful, you are wise, you are magical.

If you are just starting out in learning about tarot cards I recommend getting acquainted with Oracle Cards first. Oracle cards are an easier version of the tarot, each card has a clear message for you. I usually pull one card when I need quick and easy advice without having to look for a deeper meaning.

You don’t have to do fancy spreads. You can look at the meanings of the cards or you can use your intuition by looking at the images of the cards and assessing what you “feel”. There’s really no wrong way to use your cards.

My favorite Tarot Decks:
Llewellyn Tarot
Everyday Witch Tarot
Tarot of the Hidden Realms

My favorite Oracle Decks:
Brian Froud’s (of Labyrinth and Dark Crystal fame) The Faeries’ Oracle
Earth Magic
Gaia Oracle
Oracle of the Mermaids

What’re your favorite oracle tarot card decks?