Magical Housekeeping and Decluttering

magical housekeeping

Are you completely overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning and decluttering your space?

Do you wish that your home was some place that felt magical?

Do you want to make cleaning part of your self-care routine?

  • 54 pages of awesome for you to print out at home or fill in digitally (this is a digital file!)
  • Get organized with detailed cleaning lists for each room
  • Discover how you really feel about your home
  • Make a list of repairs and projects to tackle
magical housekeeping
  • Tips for cleaning when you're depressed
  • My favorite ways to make cleaning less overwhelming
  • Discover how to make cleaning fun and part of your self-care routine
  • Detailed cleaning checklists for each room + blank ones
  • Witchy tips for each room to add a little bit of extra magic
  • A list of crystals and herbs to incorporate into your housekeeping
  • How to clear your space of negative energy

As you know, I'm all about self-care and mental health!

magical housekeepingSo what does cleaning my home have to do with either of those? It turns out - a lot. When I was in the worst period of my depression/anxiety/agoraphobia my apartment looked like something you'd see in the television show Hoarders. Dishes had been in the sink for months looking like science experiments. There were bags of trash everywhere because taking the trash out made me anxious. Piles of dirty clothes because doing laundry made me anxious. The thought of anyone coming to my home - you guessed it - made me anxious.

I was isolated. I was depressed. And I didn't like myself - at all. I told myself I was lazy. I wondered what was wrong with me. Back then I understood depression = empty and sad. Anxiety = scared and panic attack-y. I didn't realize that they also looked like executive dysfunction, fatigue, lack of motivation, and lack of will to do pretty much anything but play video games.

Enter self-love and self-care. Those two concepts made me start caring about my mental health. It had a domino effect on my life. I started focusing on managing my mental health and suddenly I had the ability to clean but I was also completely overwhelmed. A clean home wasn't something that happened instantly - I had to learn how to manage chores, how to break tasks down, and how to make it something I enjoyed.

That's why I created this. I want to help you create a home that you love without being overwhelmed by everything that's on your to-do list!