self-care wallpapers

Majestic AF Self-Care Wallpapers

I made self-care wallpapers for you (again!). I look at my phone a gazillion times a day, so what better place to put a reminder to take care of myself? My cell phone wallpaper is always something inspiring because I need it in my life. I thought maybe you would too! I need all the reminders I can get to remember to pull my head out of the clouds (sometimes rainy, thunder-y clouds) and remember to take care of my self.

So, I love browsing The HungryJPEG (<--affiliate link. Don't get addicted, you've been warned!) for new graphics and fonts to use. I spend way more money than I should, especially on their monthly bundles because fonts and pretty things. What I love about the HungryJpeg is that with your purchase you get a complete license, which means you can use the fonts/graphics for web design, t-shirt, printables. The monthly bundle usually includes a ton of fonts. If you're looking to spruce up your website or Pinterest images, check it out!

I've been really good the last few months and resisted purchasing anything (patting myself on the back right now) but the August bundle has Mermaids and Unicorns and those are things that I just can't resist. Well-played, HungryJpeg, well played. 

Without further ado, here are your self-care wallpapers!

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