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March Self-Care Check-In!

Ah! Take a deep break of that almost-Spring air and pull out your Self-Love Planner! (By the way – it’s 25% off for the rest of the year, so at least check out the digital version!)

February was such a long and difficult month. I found myself completely exhausted in every way – especially socially. I just wanted to curl up with a blanket and binge watch ER on Hulu.

Spring is March 20th and I find myself looking forward to it so much. It’s not just the weather – it’s the representation of rebirth and renewal and I am so here for that right now. I can feel myself ready to shed my skin again, I always feel this way after a period of intense transformation. It is so uncomfortable. I’m going with it, moving with it, embracing it.

Rebirth, you know.

What Self-Care Looked Like (to me) in February.

march self-care #selfcareWe had my mom’s memorial service and one of the most difficult aspects was being thrown into the role of hostess. For someone who is naturally introverted, socially awkward, with social anxiety – it was taxing to be put in such a social position for hours with no escape. Add in the grief, stress, and general exhaustion – I found myself needing peace and quiet to recover.

So I turned my focus to my home. My sanctuary. My safe place. I redecorated my living room. I bought new crystals and a ton of new house plants.

To relax, I spent a lot of time laying on the couch with the windows open and the sunlight streaming in (we had a few lovely warm days!) taking naps and just embracing the quiet and the stillness.

Then I caught a cold – so I forced more rest on myself. There was a time when I would have resisted all of the rest. I would have pushed myself to go forward – telling myself that I needed to busy myself to keep my mind off of things – and inevitably in a few weeks I would crash, burn-out, and plummet into an exhausted depression that would last weeks if I was lucky, months if I wasn’t.

This, by far, has been one of the most stressful and challenging periods of my life. And I’ve handled it. (Not to say there haven’t been struggles, and bad days! There have!) Overall though, this loving on myself, this taking care of myself, this anticipating my needs – that’s self-care and it makes all the difference. So if you’re struggling, if you’re going through a bad time – take a step back – take a look at your needs – and then adjust accordingly.

What did your self-care look like in February?

The thing I’m focusing on this month is continuing to support this transformation that I feel happening. Journaling in my self-love workbook every single day and creating an intentional, daily, magical practice.

What about you? What’s your self-care plan?

I want you to take a step back, and give yourself a little checkup by checking in.

Try to greet each day this month with this question:

How can I practice self care today?
And then do that thing.
The first of every month is a great time to create an intention for the next 31 days of taking care of yourself.

If you’d like some tools to encourage your practice check out 31 Days of Self-Love or get the Self-Love Workbook – it allows you to write down how you’re practicing self-care every single day.

How is your body feeling right now?
Analyze what your body needs right now to function better. A hot bath, massage, rest, exercise, stretches, yoga, good food? Check-in with your physical needs and then take a few moments today to take care of them.

How can you support your body for the rest of the month as well?

What’s upsetting you?
Don’t avoid those things that are getting under your skin. If something is bothering you, give it your attention – deal with it. Come up with a plan to take care of what’s worrying you.

How can you more deeply connect with yourself?
Spend time with yourself doing something that you love.

Take the time to answer these questions and adjust yourself accordingly. Taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically, is what life is all about. Don’t neglect yourself. Love yourself.

What does your March self-care plan look like?

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