mental health challenge

May Mental Health Challenge

Happy May my loves! May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the main theme this year is “You are not alone.”

As I talked about in my Anxiety Workbook: Breathe, I grew up feeling like I was just weird. I didn’t know social anxiety was a thing and even after I accepted that I had social anxiety, I still felt weird, because who is going to want to be friends with someone who has so much trouble being social? My social battery takes so long to recharge that I often feel like no matter how hard I’m trying I will inevitably fail.

It’s one of the main reasons I created my Facebook group. I wanted to build a community and a support system that embraced that difference within me and with others. It’s such a beautiful place and I sincerely hope that it’s been a place that helps others feel less alone.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I made this little challenge.

Day One: Pick one of these things to do each day.
-Do Yoga
-Go Outside
But really you can pick anything to do daily that’s good for your mental health. I’m trying to journal every day this month.

Day Two: Make a to-do list and add little things that you do every day. It’s so important that you see that even on bad days you’re doing such a great job.

Day Three: Research a new DBT/CBT/ACT coping skill. These types of therapies provide so many awesome coping skills. My favorite is DBT and learning about self-soothing has been one of my favorite things.

Day Four: Intentionally make the time to pamper yourself. Even if it’s something as small as taking a few extra minutes to massage your scalp while you’re washing your hair, it counts!

Day Five: Put some extra time and love into your relationships. Put away distractions and really connect with your favorite person (or people!).

Day Six: Choose an affirmation to repeat to yourself throughout the day.

(You are an awesome human being!)

Day Seven: Plan a date night (or morning/afternoon) for yourself that’s all about self-care. Plan a movie night, make yourself a cup of tea and spend some time reading, have a picnic in the spring sunshine, whatever feels good to you!

Day Eight: Focus on your morning and evening self-care routines. How can you start/end your days on a better note?

Day Nine: Clean up your online spaces. Unfollow, mute, block, or unfriend anything that has a negative impact on your mental health.

Day Ten: Have a rest day and rest physically and mentally. Give yourself a break!

Day Eleven: Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for.

Day Twelve: Write down what you most enjoyed or what was most helpful to you in this mental health challenge.

What would you add to this mental health challenge?