mental health challenge

May Mental Wellness Challenge

Here’s a little Mental Wellness Challenge I’ve created for you in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month (and be sure to check out this older one too!).

We all have mental health (regardless of whether or not we have a mental illness) just like we have physical health. We take care of our physical self by drinking water, eating, moving, grooming, bathing – and all of those other things that make our physical bodies happy. Those are things we do regardless of whether we’re sick or have a broken bone (although we might have to postpone tasks or find alternatives).

Mental health is the same way but we often only focus on it when we’re “sick”. In reality, there should be a list of things you do that help make sure your brain is happy all the time. It means giving your brain a break, monitoring your stress levels, and making sure your boundaries are firm and you’re not giving yourself too many things to do.

When you have a mental illness your needs might look a little different. Mental health might look like going to therapy (although that’s good for everyone!), taking meds, and joining a support group.

But no matter what – mental health or mental wellness is essential for everyone!

I made this mental wellness challenge to encourage you to do those happy-brain-things. And because our brains are all different, if something doesn’t feel good to you – feel free to change it and replace it with something that does!

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