Meditation Worksheet + Challenge

Hey my darling!

Guess what! Guess what! On June 3rd we’re having our first ever meditation challenge! I am so excited. Meditation is so awesome, and so are you! Awesome! It’s been a good day, hopefully you’re having a good day too. We all deserve good days.
To help out with this challenge here’s a worksheet just for you to print out so that you can keep track of your meditations. How you meditate, how you feel afterward, what thoughts came to you. I am so excited for this! 

So what is this challenge? It’s super easy, and super doable. If you have 10 minutes a day, you can do it. What we’re going to do is every day, for seven days straight, we’re going to meditate. It can be once a day or twice a day, that’s totally up to you. It can be fore five minutes, fifteen minutes, an hour… whatever you have time for is great. I’m a huge fan of Guided Meditations, but if you want to sit in silence, or play music, pray, it’s ALL good
Hopefully you’ll join us! I am so very much looking forward to it! You can check out all of the details right here!

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