adopted kitties

Meet My New Adopted Kitties

For the last year or so I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to adopt a cat. I kept stopping myself because this lady right here has commitment issues and I didn’t want to get one and then change my mind. So I’d think about it and then convince myself to stop thinking about it.

Then those thoughts would pop up again about really wanting something sweet and furry to come home to. After a few months I realized that I am allowed to trust myself and what I feel. Just because I have fears doesn’t mean that I’m going to automatically fail.

Insert the super cute cuties up there.

I started following a few shelters and rescue groups in my area on Facebook and one day I saw these two cats come up.

I was so touched by their story. They both had been in the shelter as kittens and now they were nearly three years old. They were bonded, which made it important that they be adopted together and I just fell in love. I wanted to give them a home where they could be besties forever.

I’ve had them a week now and it was totally the right decision. I love them already.

Meet Cleo

Cleo is the sweetest girl ever. She loves to cuddle and warmed up to me right away. She’s such a snugglebug and loves to be petted, especially her belly. She’ll plop down right in front of you on her back and give you the most adorable look that says

“Rub my belly because I’m cute.”

Cleo is also a karate ninja master when you wave a catnip mouse hanging from a stick in front of her. Kitty has some pretty awesome moves.

She’s becoming my business partner also. Petting a cat while working is good for my concentration I tell ya. It’s been a good week so far for writing!

Meet Pistol

Pistol is a very shy kitty. He still hasn’t completely warmed up to me but I knew he was skittish. Cleo is his best friend and he likes to know where she’s at all the time and if he can’t find her he wanders around meowing until he does.

His favorite spot is anywhere he can be curled up and not bothered.

We’ve made a lot of progress since day one. He’ll let me come over to him and pet him and he’ll climb into bed with me when it’s sleepy time and allow cuddles. Much better than sneaking into bed after I fall asleep and leaving before I wake up, I caught him doing that a few times, hehehe.

He also seems to like having his belly rubbed too or maybe he’s just copying Cleo, either way, he’s adorable.

How cute are these guys?

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