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My 5 Favorite Guided Meditations

I love talking about meditation, especially guided meditation. It’s a huge part of my mental health. The meditation The Cliff, was especially life-changing for me. (Also, check out this one about a rainbow) I love all types of meditation, I’ve meditated while dancing, while using prayer beads, while chanting, while sitting quietly, while listening to music, laying quiet and still in a yoga classroom. All great ways to bliss-out and find your center.

But meditation can be hard.

There are days when I just can’t quiet my mind or when I’m really upset and the ability to simply empty my mind doesn’t exist. We all like to think of meditation as this super zen, empty, quiet, thing – and it can be. But there are also times when you want your mind to be actively engaged elsewhere. Where you want your mind to get lost in happy thoughts and imagination. I think that’s why I love guided meditations so much, I’ve always loved using my imagination.

Guided meditations are my favorite.

A guided meditation is a recording that you listen to with your eyes closed and allow your imagination and your mind to be transported somewhere else. You can imagine yourself in the ocean, or in a meadow, or deep in a forest. When I’m having an anxiety attack and I first hear that soothing voice or that calming music –  my anxiety instantly reduces by 25%.  I have a pretty big arsenal of meditations and I want to share with you my favorite ones.

Meditation Oasis
Go here. If you go anywhere, here is what you want to go. 56 meditations for free, covering about anything you can think of. Pregnancy meditations, meditations for children, build your intuition, strengthen your compassion, anxiety, there are so many! GratitudeLetting Go, and Simply Being are my three absolute favorite ones.

Goddess Workshop by Suzanne Corbie
This one you have to pay for but if you are into Goddess Spirituality it is so worth it, and I don’t say this lightly. The Meditation to Connect with the Mother Goddess is my all time favorite off of the CD. You literally imagine yourself becoming Mother Earth. Your breath becomes the winds and the breezes, the waters from the rivers, seas, and oceans, flow through your body, you feel yourself sprouting branches.

This meditation really makes me feel connected to the Earth. I adore it.

The Cliff by Meditation Australia
I could go on and on forever about my love for this meditation. If brought me closer to the God Shiva and sparked my passion for learning about Hinduism and Eastern Religions. Signing up for Meditation Australia is free and so are the wonderful meditations. The Cliff starts out with imagining yourself standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out over the ocean as the sun begins to rise. You step forward, until just one foot is balancing on the cliff and then you lean forward and fall. It is beautiful.

Meditations by Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente is actually a non-for-profit health insurance company but their website has some seriously great meditations. There are meditations to help those coping with cancer, fibromyalgia, and menopause, there are also meditations for anger, forgiveness, stress, and grief. They are all awesome and free. My favorite one is for easing grief, you can use it for broken friendships and relationships as well.

My Thought Coach by Stin Hansen
I love my Thought Coach, some of them require you buying a subscription but there are a lot of other free meditations for your listening pleasure. The Evening Inventory Meditation is really great if you need to decompress at the end of the day.

So there you go my lovies, some great meditations to improve your life and to help you be all shiny and radiant.

What’s your all-time favorite guided meditation?