winter asmr

My Favorite Winter ASMR Scenes

One of the gifts from the Gods as far as my anxiety is concerned are ASMR videos (ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and it’s a euphoric experience that is usually triggered by visual and digital stimulus.) and ambient noise videos.

When I get really anxious I start to have a sensory meltdown. Certain noises bother me and create anxiety but usually the worst part is silence. I can’t handle silence. It becomes a compulsive need to have some sort of sound around me and when it stops? I honestly feel like I’m about to have a panic attack.

Thankfully my anxiety hasn’t been that bad in a while, but I still love these videos just because they’re relaxing or they provide good background noise when I’m working and don’t want to be overly distracted.

If you have difficulty sleeping you might try listening to one to wind down to before you fall asleep. 

Here are my favorite winter ASMR scenes!

If you’re reading a book and drinking hot chocolate these are perfect to bliss out to!

winter asmr

Cozy Cabin Winter

This one is one of my favorite winter ASMR videos. Very soft and relaxing with the wind blowing, a crackling fireplace, and snow falling outside of the windows.
Length: 8 hours

winter asmr

Christmas Scene Snowfall Animation

A really pretty winter scene with snow and lit Christmas tree. This video plays 21 classic Christmas songs (some of them have words) and it’s perfect for putting on the tv and then decorating gingerbread houses or something equally festive!
Length: 1 hour

harry potter asmr

Waking up in Hogsmeade Village

I love my Harry Potter ASMR videos. This one is the sleepy town of Hogsmeade as it wakes up. There’s wind, bells, the crunch of footsteps through snow, and you get to see the sky brighten with dawn.

Christmas in the Great Hall was my first ever ASMR video so it has a special place in my heart. I watched it looped probably 200 times last year. There’s also a wintery Diagon Alley scene and Christmas at the Burrow.
Length: 1 hour

christmas asmr

A Very Happy Yule Log

Happy upbeat instrumental Christmas music with a cat and dog wandering around. This one is just cute and great for kids!
Length: 3 hours

winter asmr

Christmas Fireplace Scene 

Cozy crackling fireplace, lit Christmas tree, and jingle bells.
Length: 3 hours

I’d love to know your favorite winter ASMR scenes!

winter asmr

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