my spiritual journey

My Spiritual Journey: Magical Me

It’s Autumn and do you know what that means to me? Delving deep into religion, spirituality, and my magical practice. I’ve mentioned a little bit about how my spirituality waxes and wanes but I haven’t really talked a lot about what I believe, so I thought I’d cover all of that here in this post.

My Spiritual Journey: I believe in magic.

Since I was 15 I’ve identified as Wiccan which falls under the category of Paganism. Wicca is an earth based, duotheistic religion (usually, but not always) worshiping a God and a Goddess. There are so many different views on the religion and everyone practices and believes differently, which is something that I love. You define it, you make it your own.

Over the years my beliefs have changed and transformed and now I just consider myself Pagan, influenced by Wicca and Eastern Religions.

I am very spiritual, it’s so much a part of who I am and I want to share that part of myself.

This is what I believe. I believe that there is a big ball of energy/power that is the Divine. To me, that energy is male/female, ying/yang, and manifests itself to me as God and Goddess. I also believe that all Gods and Goddesses come from that energy. Whether you call it Kuan-Yin, Yemaya, Thor, Ganesh, it is all real. I also think that relationships can be formed with those energies. I am very close to Aphrodite, Hestia, and Shiva and I feel like those deities guide and protect me in my daily life. They are part of the Whole/Universe/Divine Energy, we all are.

I also believe that magic can be done. In my beliefs, performing magic is the act of manipulating the energy of the Universe for a specific purpose. I use the energy inside of myself, and around me, to change things. It’s not easy, I don’t think the Universe makes it easy. I can’t ask for prosperity or abundance and then sit around and do nothing.

Magic helps pave the way but it won’t do the work for you.

I believe in prayer, which is speaking to Deity. I talk to my Gods every day in many different ways. Sometimes I talk to them out loud in a conversational way. Other times it’s more formal, the traditional sort of praying. I chant mantras, a form of prayer. I write in a journal devoted to Aphrodite every day before I go to sleep. Shiva is a God that dances and sometimes I dance for him. This is prayer to me and it enriches my life.

I’m witchy and I like it. I can cast a Circle, use herbs and crystals in my ritual work. I have an altar, I honor the phases of the moon and the cycles of the seasons. My spiritual practice is so important to me and I want to share these things with you. I want you to share with me in turn.

So that’s a little peek into my broom closet!

What does your spiritual path look like?