My Wish For You, For Me, For Us

I’m sitting here with my furbabies snuggled up against me thinking that this is a great way to start the new year. Love and snuggles nd wishes.

I look into 2014 and I see this expanse of emptiness. A blank canvas that’s just waiting to be filled with color and spirals and hearts and glitter. Yes, glitter, because sparkles make me happy.

My word of the year is “Strength” and I want to be strong in so many ways. I want to have strength of character, I want a strong body, I want strong foundations beneath my feet. I want a strong self-care routine. I wish for a lot of other things, for both myself and the lovely souls that gather here to read my words.

My wish for you (and for me too) is to…

have compassion for yourself, both in the past and the present. You did the best you could with the wisdom you had. You’re stronger now, even if you don’t know it.

create a self-care routine that will nourish you every day. Make the time, make yourself a priority. You are so very very important. Show yourself that you are every day of the year.

feel like you belong inside of your skin and inside of your life. That sense of belonging is essential. Do the work that gets you there, let go of the things that don’t.

listen to your body and your inner-self and give you what you need. Even when it’s telling you what you don’t want to hear, listen anyway.

appreciate who you are and the magic your uniqueness brings to the world. There is no one exactly like you. Don’t ever believe that you aren’t special and that you don’t add something to the world. You are. You do.

discover exactly what you need to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit and then let it into your life.

receive an abundance of love, friendship, and support. Those things a happy life make. Seek out those things, even if it’s only from yourself.

know that you are worth loving and being cherished for exactly who you are. Let me repeat: You are worth loving. Cross my heart.

nurture your dreams, even when they feel so very far away. Sometimes all it takes is lots of little baby steps.

forgive yourself and forgive other people. It’s not worth holding on to, it really isn’t. You’ll feel lighter and happier if you just let it go, so do it.

be brave even when you don’t feel very brave. Do something that scares you, even if it’s something itty bitty. It totally counts.

create awesome art. Words, paints, doodles, yarn-things, dancing… find your art and do your art. Once a week at least.

find your passion. Embrace your passion. Find something that you are really passionate about and don’t be afraid of it.

savor the good things in your life. We don’t always allow them to stick with us the way we do the bad things. Hold onto the good things. Let them out-weigh the bad.

seek connection to like-minded individuals that will support you and understand you. There is nothing better than deep, nourishing connection. (There’s still time to join the Facebook group) Also, connect with yourself. What do you really want? What really makes you happy?

live intentionally. Don’t just let life happen to you. Make goals and then make them happen.

have patience with those people around you, but more than that, be patient with yourself. You’ll get to where you are going. You’ll get there.

delight in the little things. It’s the little moments that make up the bulk of our lives. Don’t overlook them, don’t cease to appreciate them. Sometimes a hot cup of tea on a cold day can feel like the best thing ever.

go on adventures. Learn something new. There are adventures just waiting for you.

love yourself. Deeply, completely, and unconditionally. If you strive for anything this year, strive for that.

What is your wish for the women here?

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