my wish for you

My Wish For You This February: Be Brave

Happy February Loves!

We’re a week into the month and I’ve been wanting to write my little heart out but something has been stopping me. I have all of these ideas floating in my head, it’s not writer’s block, I know what that feels like, but there’s a wall that’s stopping me from sitting down and letting the words pour out. This morning over a cup of tea I realized that I feel really big right now. Big as in stretched out of my comfort zone and it is oh-so-tempting to curl up, stuff myself back inside my shell and hide.

my wish for you

The response to the Self-Love Workbook has been amazing. It’s been wonderful, scary, amazing, terrifying way. I’ve loved creating all of the materials and doing the work and it’s been an amazing eye-opening experience for me but it’s also more. And sometimes it’s scary to be more when you aren’t expecting it of yourself.

My reminder to myself is to show up anyway.

In spite of the bit of discomfort from growing out of this shell, in spite of the holy-crap-I’m-doing-this, in spite of all the overwhelming feels it gives me to do this work, I still want to show up.

Don’t be afraid to show up.

Don’t be afraid to go out there and do the BIG SCARIES.

You’re always braver than you think you are.

My wish for you is that you always find courage exactly when you need it.

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” ― J.K. Rowling

When you’re thinking about your self care routine this month think about stretching those gorgeous wings of yours, giving them a few big flaps to shake off the dust, and GO.