Word of the Year for 2020

My Word of the Year for 2020

Every December, I choose a word for the coming year. The word is a theme, a mantra, a focal point for what I want to bring into my life. If you’ve followed my Self-Care Planner then you know I always include a spot for it! This will be my 9th year choosing a WOTY. As a look back at my words, each one is connected to a stage of my life.

Surrender in 2012 was about surrendering to the concept of self-love.

Shine in 2013 was about shaking away my depression for the first time in my life and letting myself be radiant.

Strength in 2014 was about getting through another period of depression. I’d thought I’d come out the other side of my mental health but I’d begun to backslide.

Depth in 2015 was about going deeper into every aspect of my life. Writing, art, and learning more about myself.

Mend in 2016 was about trying to heal my toxic and abusive relationship with an alcoholic. That word didn’t work out because it wasn’t a word for me, it was a word for someone else.

Magic in 2017 was about relying on the only thing that had ever got me through tough times – my spirituality. And as my relationship further dissolved – I needed it.

Surrender: Part Two in 2018 saw the final end to my toxic relationship at the beginning and a new and amazing love toward the end.

Soften in 2019 was about acknowledging that the abuse I had endured for almost three years had changed me. I felt mentally and emotional tense, and I needed to soften that.

My Word of the Year for 2020 is Sacred.

I chose sacred because it applies to so many of my goals for 2020.

I want to continue to provide online safe spaces for women with the SoulSisterhood, MoonSisterhood, and now my health and fitness group the Body Love Gym. In my early 20s I really wanted to run a Red Tent Circle – but I am also painfully shy and socially anxious. I’ve realized that I found my own way of doing that. Those onlines spaces have a sacred and loving energy to them and I’m proud of that.

I want to start treating my body better. As part of this amazing, wonderful, terrifying human experience, the body is sacred – and I want to start acting like it. The last few months, I have not been kind to my body in the way that I eat or in my movement and that’s a huge part of why I created the Body Love Gym.

Love is sacred. For the first time in my life I’m in a healthy and happy relationship. The longer we’re together, the more I settle into this wonderful sense of warmth and comfort and healing. I want to continue to be a good partner and open to giving and receiving love.

I also want to continue on my spiritual path, to learn, to grow, and flourish.

So that’s my word of the year for 2020.

What’s yours?