My Word of the Year

Last year I chose a Word-of-the-Year instead of making a goal or a resolution and I loved it. I’m not sure that I did ‘Surrender’ proud last year, but I do know that I let go of a lot of things and that it did help me to keep that theme in mind.

Choosing a Word-of-the-Year is like picking the title for the next chapter of your life. It’s good stuff. It’s also a nourishing process, it helps you to get your head in the right place and gives you a focal point without the pressure of a goal or resolution. You just do your best to honor that word in your life and there’s no failing.

My Word-of-the-Year is SHINE.

I’m a very shy person, and let me tell you, owning a business where I have to show my personality was a huge struggle in the beginning. I didn’t know how much of me to reveal and I didn’t know how far to push myself outside of my social boundaries. It is still a learning process but I am getting better. After jumping in head first, floundering for awhile, I’m finally getting the hang of it.

I was thinking about what I want from this year and part of it was self-confidence and part of it is implementing all of the wonderful ideas that I have in my head, and the other bit is not being afraid of myself.

I am afraid of my brilliance.

Does that happen to anyone else? There’s the fear of failure on one end and then on the opposite end there’s the fear of being so so big that you just can’t handle it. You just want to dwell in the comfortable middle because it’s… well… comfortable and you know that you can handle it.

That is why I chose the world shine.

It also goes well with my anthem of the year.

“You could be the star, you could shine so bright. You could be your own spotlight.”

How are you going to shine this year? What is your word of the year and what does it mean to you?

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