nail polish magic

Nail Polish Magic

Today’s post is a little bit different. It’s fun and simple and a great way to add some good mojo to your day. Nail polish magic!

I’m all about practical magic and adding little touches of magic into your daily life.

There are tons of ways to add a touch of magic into your life and one of my favorites is nail polish magic or painting my nails with magical intent. 

Yes, you heard me correctly! If you are at all interested in magic then you’ve probably heard about color correspondences and how each color can create a sort of atmosphere or feeling. For example, you probably associate red and pink with love, green with money, yellow with happiness, blue with emotions and so on.

You can use that same kind of philosophy in painting your nails. If you’re in a bad mood try painting your nails yellow, if you want to repel negativity do black, if you want to be more peaceful paint them light blue or white. See! It’s as easy as that. You can also paint them using chakra color associations. Need to feel more grounded? Red. Have communication issues? Blue.

Painting each of your fingernails a different color to create a rainbow effect is an instant mood lifter, I’ve done it. I also love painting my nails silver in homage to the full moon and or seafoam green when I’m feeling especially in love with Aphrodite.

Here’s a quick list of colors and their associations for nail polish magic:
Red: Passion, courage, motivation
Pink: Self-love, harmony, romance
Orange: Alertness, harvest, happiness
Yellow:  Creativity, intellect, communication
Green: Healing, prosperity, fertility,
Blue: Wisdom, calm, joy
Purple: Spiritual protection, wisdom, psychic powers
Black: Protection, neutralizing, grief, truth
White: Higher self, enlightenment, health

Do you use certain colors to help improve your mood or atmosphere? Do you have any quirky tips to fitting magic into your daily life?