April Self-Care Calendar

New April Self-Care Calendar!

Every month my Patreon’s get a cute printable calendar and this month’s April Self-Care Calendar my favorite! Each day has a little icon to encourage you to do something self-care related. It’s totally open to your interpretation!

When you see each icon think of what comes to mind and how you can incorporate that into your life. You can get the full calendar by becoming a Patreon!

I was really on the fence about joining Patreon. Putting out new content several times a month made me nervous. One of the things I have always worried about is my depression interrupting my creative flow. What happens if I get hit by a wave of depression – who will pick up the slack?

But here’s the truth of it. My depression hasn’t sneaked up like that in years. There comes a point where I have to believe in myself, my coping skills, and my ability to handle things.

So we’re heading into our third month and it’s been fantastic. I love the stuff that I’m creating, I love that I get more one-on-one time with my readers and I’m really proud that I did the thing!

If you’d like to support some extra creativity from me, check me out! I’m also always open to suggestions of new things you’d like to see added to each tier!

What do you think of the April Self-Care Calendar?