letting go

New Beginning and Letting Go

So for all of you that keep up with Pagan and Wiccan Traditions, yesterday was Samhain which is kind like our New Year. It is the day where we honor death, as the day marks the end of the Harvest Season. It is the beginning of the Dark part of the year. It is time for us to go deeper within ourselves, walk with our shadow-self, and hibernate. It’s when we decide what we want to blossom into come Springtime.

As I’m sure you know, ’cause you love me (I love you too), this last week kinda sucked. It didn’t suck in any spectacular way, it was just the little things that kept getting to me, and getting to me, and getting to me. Try as hard as I might, I just couldn’t shake it off. After I vented in that blog post (thank you by the way) I did feel quite a bit better. The power of speaking your truth.

It’s lovely even when it’s ugly.

Yesterday in the wee hours of morning, at about five I was doing my usual avoidance of anything that required brain matter (I am a night-owl even on my days off due to working overnights), when it full on hit me that it was Samhain. Which is both a time of endings and beginnings. I wanted to end the grumpiness and begin again, so I did. I thought about the little things, that I was still holding on to, and I let them go.

I started by cleaning my physical space.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m not in a happy mood I tend to veer towards not happy music. I resisted the urge to do that and I made a playlist of Snatam Kaur and Krishna Das (complete blissgasm). I lit a few candles and incense and cracked a window for some fresh air. Ohmygoodness, after about ten minutes of cleaning the tension in my shoulders and neck began to loosen, my mood began to brighten, and I felt good. I dunno about you but when I get in a funk my housekeeping skill fall to the wayside. What a difference a clean living space makes.

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s magic.

Right now I’ve got a heating pad on my sore shoulders (boy was I tense!) but other than that, I feel like I’ve stepped into this part of the year with a good attitude and some knew wisdom, as well as a smile.

How are you journeying into this dark time of the year and letting go?

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