New beginnings and inspiration!

First off ohmyfreakinggosh you people are awesome. I had so many of you sign up for my free writing prompt mini e-course and I was totally like “whoa”. I’m not sure anything that I’ve done yet has generated so much interest so I was very, very, pleased! If I was a bird today, my chest would be all puffed out and I’d be happily chirping. No qualms about it, I have the best tribe ever!

Today’s card is oh-so-fitting and comes from the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation deck by Linda Ewashina. Today I pulled the “East” card.

New beginnings. Thought process. Inspiration.

Pick a day this week to go outside and watch the sunrise. Allow yourself to bathe in the soft, beautiful, light and be filled with the inspiration of a new dawn, a new day, and a fresh beginning.

Choose today to start on your path with intention. Know exactly where you want to go the moment you begin your journey. Wake up with purpose, allow your inspiration and passion to fuel you into greatness.

Today would be a great day to sit down and make decisions. If you’ve been unsure of your path and where it’s leading you, spend some time thinking about it today. Dig deep into what inspires you, take a look at your passions and what your heart is telling you. Let that lead you on your way.

Personally right now, I am feeling so renewed with the energy of my business. So inspired by everything around me, I want to make beautiful things for you. So if there’s anything you’d like to see me create, let me know! This business is ultimately for you and I love to know how I can serve you.

What new beginnings are you ready to start right now?