News for the Optimistic and Sensitive

I hate watching the news. I really do. I understand the need to be aware of what is going on around me, but so often it’s such a one-sided view of the world. The ugly side, the bloody side, the side of mankind sucking. For a sensitive lil’ soul like me, well sometimes I’d rather make like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand.

Badness happens in the world every single day. But good things happen too.

Not having a tv, I rarely watch the news and this suits me just fine. Even though I don’t watch the news I still read news articles. I keep myself apprised of what’s going on in the world, for better or worse and let”’e honest, with social media it’s pretty hard to remain completely oblivious about what’s going on.

Have you ever read or seen something on the news that literally haunts you? I have. There are things stuck in my brain that still make my heart pound with compassion to think about them. They still, many months later, make me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

Sometimes you’ve got to go on a media sabbatical, to bury your head in the sand for the simple sake of your own sanity. There are, however, websites out there that show you the other side of the news. They don’t follow the “If it bleeds, it leads.” mentality of news reporting. I’m all kinds of in love with positivity and optimism, so today I wanted to share with you some of those resources!

Upworthy: If you need a good happy cry of humanity is full o’ awesome then Upworthy is one of the most popular sources out there. There are some serious and heavy articles at times but very much worth a look. Upworthy: Awesome, fun, interesting videos and graphics about stuff that matters.

Huffington Post Good News: If you want to read articles about cute animals doing amazing things or random acts of kindness, or humans doing really nice and awesome things then this is for you. Guaranteed to make your heart feel a bit lighter.

Sunny Skyz: There are jokes with your news for a good belly laugh. Live. Laugh. Love.

The Daily Good: “News that inspires.” This one is really feel-good, with inspiring quotes and fuzzy-feeling-making articles.

Good News Network: “Good news is good for what ails you.”

I also try to keep my social media feeds happy and uplifting. I follow pages that post inspirational quotes and inspiring stories. I surround myself with people that make me laugh. Surrounding yourself with positivity and creating a nourishing atmosphere around yourself is so important!

How do you feel about the news? Do you watch it frequently or infrequently? Does it ever both you?

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