Non-Profit | Mental Health Worksheets

Do you work for a non-profit? Would you like free worksheets?

Supporting non-profits is so important to me! If you work for a non-profit you have permission to use anything that you purchase in my shop for your nonprofit. This means that you can print out any of the worksheets and distribute them with my blessing. You are also welcome to email the files to your clients, as long as the links/files aren’t put on a public forum (Facebook, Discord, etc) where just anyone can download them.

I also offer some of my products for free. They are all in black and white with my watermark on the bottom of the page. To receive these at no cost, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll get them sent to your email within a few days.

Self-Love Workbook
Sobriety Add-On
Mental-Health Add-On
Parenting Add-On
Healing From Toxic Relationships
Anxiety Workbook
Daily Anxiety Journal
Black & White Thinking
Shame Spirals
Anger Workbook
Grief Workbook
Behavior Chain Analysis

If you work at a for-profit business, such as a private practice, you are welcome to Private Practice Use license to use my products with your clients.

If you’d like to buy me a cup of coffee I’d definitely appreciate it! I also love hearing about how my worksheets have helped someone so feel free to share any stories with me. It would truly make my day!

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