nurture yourself

Nurture Tenderness : Allow Yourself to Gently Grow

When I was younger I wanted a green thumb. I wanted to be able to grow things. I remember spending my allowance on rose bushes and packets of morning glory seeds, just in the hope that something would grow, and it did.

But I really loved the ritual of it. The quietness of sitting in the early morning sunlight, sticking my hands into the earth, planting the seeds.The gentle watering and hoping for sunny days.

I used to lay on my stomach looking at my little plot of earth singing Enya songs because I can’t imagine music that a plant would love more.

The waiting, waiting, waiting, for that first little sprout to peek its head out of the earth. You can’t rush the process. You just have to wait and there’s this beautiful softness about it.

I pulled a card for you today, Lady of the New Buds: Nurture Tenderness.

nurture your growth

This card’s message: Have you ever looked at someone that has the “perfect” life and felt a little prickle of envy? The thing is, you can see the success now but what you don’t see is all of the little things – the growth, the sacrifices, the rainy days that it took to get there.

We see beauty and we tend to accept it at face value. We don’t take a moment to think about where that beauty came from. The patience, the waiting, the water and the sunshine, the droughts, the wind, the pelting rain. All of those things contribute to the beauty.

Your growth starts with tenderness and care.

You can’t rush growth. You may be able to push it a little bit but it goes at its own pace and it is important to nurture your growth in a loving way. If you want to be your best self then remember what it takes to nurture your growth. Give yourself love, take care of yourself, and be patient with yourself. You need water and sunshine and happy songs too.

So today take a moment to think. Grab a pen and your notebook and write down the things that nurture you and the things that have been missing from your life because of busy-ness.

How are you gonna embrace tenderness and nurture your growth today?