being weird

Omg, I’m so weird.

Chances are you’re a little weird. Yes, I mean you, and you know what? I think that’s awesome. I like my people weird and you guys are my people.

Sometimes I’ll be going about my day and I’ll do something weird and I’ll think “This is why I’m single.” I don’t mean it in a negative way, more in an I-am-just-too-awesome-to-handle way.

I have learned to embrace my weirdness, my quirks, and those strange things that I do. I wouldn’t change them for all the world. But I know there are those lovely people that think they are too strange or too weird, and that it’s not a good thing.

It is. It totally is.

There’s someone out there that wants a partner just like you, or a best friend like you, or a little kid who would be so proud to have you as their mum or dad in all of your weirdness.

This is the very last chance for someone like you to exist. It’s true! Yes there are billions of people in the world but we are all so different. We grow up with different experiences, liking different things, being born in different decades. YOU are the last chance for your specific brand of awesome to be unleashed upon the world. Totally embrace that!

This card is all about transforming into who you are meant to be. Like a beautiful butterfly, but totally better. If you look at the card you will see the butterflies are actually frogs. This represents not labeling yourself or putting yourself into a category. People will try to put a label on you so that they don’t truly have to get to know you. Don’t live up to that, don’t even try.

You can be full of contradictions and complexities and that’s okay. It’s actually beautiful really. I love being surprised by people. I love people with layers, as Shrek would say, I like it when you’re like an onion.

Be the onion. :)

What things are strange, weird, and contradictory about you? Do you embrace it?

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