Oracle Wisdom: Movement + Wheel of Life + Eternal Dance

I wanted to share with you a lovely message from the Gaia Oracle Card Deck by Toni Carmine Salerno which I pulled a card from this morning, Eternal Dance.

Eternal Dance: Movement, wheel of life, path of least resistance.

eternal dance“The Lady featured on this card feels completely at one with nature. She is in tune with the rhythm of the Earth and her changing cycles. She does not resist the forces of nature but moves gracefully with the wind. Yet, though her body sways with the wind, she is not swayed from her path, for her feet are firmly planted in the Earth; she remains poised, dignified and balanced.”

Let that image sink in for a moment and think about what it means. It is so important to know your foundation and then allow yourself to move with the challenges that come your way, much like in Know When To Bend.

So ask yourself the question:

Where are your feet planted?

Where do you act from? Is it a place of fear or love or what is in your best interest? It’s an important question to ask yourself because when you know your Big Why things fall together so much easier!

eternal dance

“She has shown up in your reading today to help you loosen up and feel the rhythm of life. You will benefit greatly if you allow yourself to be a bit more flexible. Be open to new ideas; accept that it is natural for things to change. Do not resist life’s natural flow. If the path you are on seems to be all uphill then find another way, there are many ways to get to where you want to go, so find the way that offers the least resistance.

Life does not need to be as difficult as you are making it.

It is often easier to dance your way through rather than try to push your way through. Try it!”

Let this be your reminder that you don’t have to struggle so much. You can find a different way. You can look at your life and look where your feet are planted and be true to that path. Wherever you are? You can plant yourself somewhere else. You can change the course you are on if you want to and you can dance and find your joy.

Remind yourself again and again and again that it doesn’t have to be so hard.