Former Patreon Rewards

Just in case you missed the announcement, I'm on Patreon! Patreon is a monthly subscription service that allows you to support artists and creators. For $2, $5, $10+, a month you can get different rewards like Wallpapers, Private Q&As, Submit Your Ideas, Weekly Affirmations, Worksheets, Calendars, and more.

I'll be slowly putting some of the older rewards here so you'll still have a chance to enjoy them but to get all of the new material months before it appears in my shop - join my Patreon!

With the global pandemic on everyone's mind, I made this 17-page mini ebook to help you deal with what's going on.

Here's what's inside:

- Self-Care for Bad Mental Health Days
- Self-Care for Anxiety
- Things to Do While You're At Home
- Essential Workers Worksheet
- Activity Ideas
- Make Your Own Playlists
- Daily Self-Care Tracker
- Daily Habit Tracker
- Staying Connected Worksheet
- Struggles Checklist
- Daily Check-In
- After Plan