Period Tracker | Self-Care for Periods

Track Your Period AND Practice Self-Care

Ask and you shall receive! I've had a lot of people ask me to create period tracker worksheets so, ta-da! These worksheets focus on tracking your period, your PMS symptoms, and figuring out what kind of self-care works best for you! (You can also find it on Etsy!)

Let's Talk Periods!

- Tracking your period can help you figure out when your next cycle will be.
- It can show you what kind of self-care you need and when.
- You're encouraged to be kind to yourself and make time for self-care (whatever that looks like for you).

Periods can be hard for so many reasons. Maybe you have a medical condition, or you’re trans, or trying for a baby, or it multiplies your depression or chronic pain – I want to hold space for those of us that have trouble making the best of it.
It’s okay if it’s hard. It’s important to be able to acknowledge that. We don’t have to embrace it as a magical time if it doesn’t feel that way to you. Let’s honor all of our experiences.

Here's What's Inside!

- 26 page PDF (with no background and black&white versions for easy printing!)
-12 Period Journal Pages
- Self-Care Ideas
- What makes your body feel good?
- What gives you comfort?
- Taking care of your emotional health.
- What's your self-care?
- Track your PMS symptoms.
- Track your cycle, flow, and pain levels
-Adobe Fill-In Enabled