Word of the Year for 2020

My Word of the Year for 2020

Every December, I choose a word for the coming year. The word is a theme, a mantra, a focal point for what I want to bring into my life. If you’ve followed my Self-Care Planner…

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toxic traits

What Are Your Low-Key Toxic Traits?

I’m a Hufflepuff. If you’re not into Harry Potter, Hufflepuff is the house that values patience and loyalty. Patience and loyalty are awesome traits unless they’re rooted in unresolved trauma and fear of abandonment combined…

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narcissistic abuse

8 Signs of Narcissistic Abuse

I have a workbook called Self-Care for Breakups: Healing from Toxic, Abusive, and Codependent Relationships that was inspired by my last relationship of narcissistic abuse and codependency. Narcissistic abuse has become a hot button topic…

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say no

Saying No: An Act of Self-Love

One of the foundations of self-love: Boundaries. Your ability to say “no” to people is often an indicator of how well you’re loving yourself. If you are constantly saying yes to people and situations that…

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