Post Pandemic Body Love

Post-Pandemic Body Love | Body Positivity | Self-Care

While the pandemic isn't over, many areas of the world are opening back up and people are going back to the workplace after working from home and meeting friends and family again. I know that my body has changed and over the last few months, I've struggled to be kind to it.

I wanted to create a little workbook that encourages body love/acceptance and serves as a reminder that no matter what our bodies look like they're worthy and lovable.

post pandemic body love

Here's What's Inside!

- 29 page PDF (with a black and white version for easy printing!)
- The Foundations of Body Love
- What are you struggling with the most?
- Changing Your Self-Talk
- Three pages of Affirmation Cards
- What disordered eating looks like
- Why Body Neutrality is also awesome
- Body Love Song Playlist
- Body Love Self-Care
- Body Love Exercises
- Journaling Prompts