Raccoon Wisdom

I love learning about animals and what they can teach us on a spiritual level. I think that they hold a whole lot of wisdom in the way that they behave and act in nature as well as how they’re portrayed in myths and stories.

Today we’re looking at Raccoon Wisdom.

Since seeing Disney’s Pocahontas I have been fascinated by them. I love their curiosity and the black masks over their eyes. They are really interesting animals. They embody the traits of dexterity, disguise, and curiosity. One of the really cool things about the raccoon is their ability to use their hands. They have very agile paws and can open a variety of things, which gives them the reputation of being little thieves, and they can be, because they take things that they find fascinating.

Raccoons are very curious and are always getting into things that they shouldn’t. They love to explore and get into things. 

Raccoon reminds us to indulge in the ideas that we find curious or interesting.

Pick them up (metaphorically of course), feel them out, and see if it’s something that you want to play with.

Raccoons have a black mask over their eyes and this allows us to look into the use of masks and disguises. We all have daily masks that we wear, ways that we act that are not being true to how we’re feeling. You’ve heard the term, put on a happy face. Sometimes we have to do this. Raccoon helps us to acknowledge why we wear the masks that we do. How they protect us from the world and the use that they have in our lives.

This may also be the time to start wearing actual masks. It can be very liberating to hide your identity behind a mask, allow yourself to transform into something different than you are. Try wearing a mask while you dance, let your body become something else. 

Maybe hiding behind the mask you will no longer be afraid to be exactly who you are.

What masks do you wear? Do they help you or hinder you?

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