Random Acts of Kindness: Part Two

Two(ish) years ago I created Random Acts of Kindness cards. They’re nothing but a printable that you cut into little cards and then you give them out. You can stick them around your community, in library books or around bookstores, in supermarkets, wherever you can think of! Sometimes it’s enough just to know that you probably made someone smile, which is exactly what the cards are supposed to do. My original cards are my most popular pin on pinterest so I thought that maybe I should make some more!

I remember the morning, right before my birthday, where I taped these around my town. I left one at the bus station, a park bench, my favorite book store, a crosswalk, and it felt really good to know that I might be able to impact someone’s day, even if it was on a small scale. Create ripples!

The world needs a little but more kindness.

So many of us are going through something. The world can seem unkind. Something as simple as a little love note can really help cheer someone else and remind them that there are people out there that care.

Here’s a free printable. Share it every where. Spread the love. Download it here.

random acts of kindness

I’d love to see how you use them!

Tag me on social media and show me your random acts of kindness!