emotional abuse

How to Heal from Emotional Abuse

Today we have another post from our contributor, Sam on emotional abuse. Love should never hurt. But for too many, “love” seems almost inevitably linked to pain. For too many of us, our past relationships…

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trauma bonding

Let’s Talk About Trauma Bonding

I have a lot of experience with trauma bonding and unfortunately, it’s firsthand. I talked about it in my workbook Self-Care For Break-Ups: Healing from Toxic, Abusive, and Codependent Relationships. But I am still in…

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Healthy love unhealthy love

Healthy Love vs. Unhealthy Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches it gives everyone a chance to re-evaluate their relationships. I wanted to showcase what healthy relationships look like and also what unhealthy ones look like. No one’s perfect and you might…

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Gaslighting & the After-Effects

This morning, I was browsing Facebook, as you do, and I came across a meme that talked about how victims of gaslighting often develop a tendency to over-explain themselves. And it hit me hard because…

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