Relax and Open Your Heart

Here’s your oracle card for the week! The Goddess of Creation from the Gaia Oracle and it’s all about transformation, creativity, and wholeness. Do you ever get stuck in those ruts when you find yourself taking everything seriously? I get that way sometimes.

I’m forever learning to balance work vs play.

Once I leave the pays-the-bills job I have six hours to do as I please before its time to go to sleep. How to spend those six hours? That’s the eternal question going through my mind.

My self care routine dictates at least two of those hours be spent lounging in a warm bath or in bed with a book. The three B’s make Dominee a very happy girl.

How to spend those remaining four hours? I tend to take them seriously as I imagine all of the emails I could answer, posts to respond to, updates to make, projects to work on, ya know, all of the stuff that comes with doing what I do.

But what if I didn’t constantly think of those things? What if I stopped taking it so seriously?

Last week I did yoga for the first time in nearly two years. I’d been wanting to forever but I kept coming up with the same excuse:

I just don’t have the time.

What if I made the time but fell behind on my to-do list? What if I made the time but felt guilty for not getting something else done? Was the benefit of a few poses more important than all the other “stuff”? What if I just waited for my weekend and made time then? Eventually I asked myself “What if I stop taking it all so seriously? What if I just do it?”

So I did it. And I did it again the next day, and the again the next.

Oh my goodness did it make me feel wonderful. Not just the act of doing it, but that fact that I stopped making excuses, and that I added another bit of yumminess to my day.

Then I started thinking about what other bits of yumminess I was stopping myself from experiencing. Maybe I wanted to spend an hour working on Harry Potter fanfiction. So I did.

Transformation started happening.

Relaxing my grip, opening myself up to yumminess, adding more play in my day had changes happening in my life in a matter of days. I felt more balanced just with those small shifts, the lingering tendrils of depression that were hanging on dissipated, I started feeling more creative altogether. My brain stopped focusing on all the things I had to do and it started dreaming and brainstorming. I started feeling more beautifully in touch with all aspects of myself.

Just more proof that when you take the time to do for you, amazing things happen.  

What things do you need to make more space for in your life?