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Revisiting My Word of the Year

We are halfway through the year which means it’s the perfect time for the Midyear Self-Care Workbook and reviewing my word of the year. Every year, for the past 10, I’ve chosen a word of the year. It’s kind of like a New Year’s Resolution but better. Instead of making concrete goals, you’re focusing on one word to be your theme through the next 365 days. It allows for your life to change, for you to change, and for those goals to change.

My word of the year for 2021 is Pause. Here’s what I wrote about it 6 months ago.

I’ve chosen “Pause” because my current life has been without pause. I work 40 hours a week in retail and that’s been bananas, put a pandemic on top of that. But there’s also been Blessing Manifesting. So many people are online right now and that’s been a plus for me in a lot of ways. So many folks are looking for bright, colorful, mental health-related content and here I am! But there’s unfortunately been a downside as well. It can be so overwhelming and it’s hard to deal with trolls.

I work way too much. Most days I work 14 hours, split between Blessing Manifesting and my retail job. On my “days off” from my retail job, I’m usually working here from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.

My wife is awesome and supports everything that I do, but I also know that I don’t pause and spend enough 1-on-1 time with her. I’m always working while we spend time together – half watching the movie or tv show and half doing something online.

I want to do better this year.I want to push pause on spending time on the things that drain me.
Pause to enjoy the moment.
Pause to meet other needs that aren’t about productivity.

And here we are 6 months later.

I’ve quit my job.

My wife and I are going on dates again.

And today we’re having a beach day for the second time in two weeks.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have this life. I have a business that I love beyond measure and supports all the things I need, financially, physically, and mentally.

My mental health has been on a whole different level. Is my anxiety gone? No. But has it improved a significant amount? It has. I have space to take care of myself. I don’t have to sacrifice my mental health because I have to meet my 40 hours at a job.

word of the year

My word of the year has made an amazing difference in my life.

I’m not sure that I would have made the choices that I did this year if I wasn’t focusing on a word like Pause. It really encouraged me to make decisions that allowed me to have that feeling of peace and rest and relaxation.

What was yours and have you seen any changes in your life because of it?

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