Sacred Journey: It’s Vacation Time!

Hello you beautiful soul you! 

It’s another Sacred Journey Check-in, where I create a sacred space to share and talk with you. So this week I ask you, what struggles are you having? What are you loving, enjoying, reading? What are you proud of? If you have a blog, post the link to your favorite post of the week. If you like to photograph, let us see the picture! I love to spend just a few moments with you, sharing in your life and in your journey.

Today I ask you to walk with me for a little bit, to tell me about what’s on your mind and in your heart.

So here’s what’s been going on with me: I’m on vacation from my pays-the-bills job. So that’s 40 blissful hours to myself this week and I’ve been using it to dive head first into my work here. I’m checking things off of my to-do list left and right. My first order of business was completely re-doing my freebies page. All the free ebooks got a bit of a revamp so download them again and take a look, The “Little Book of Comfort” especially.

I’m also redoing my Autumn/Winter/Spring Blessings ebook as well as releasing the Summer ebook by the end of next week. The Autumn and Winter books are getting a total and complete overhaul as well as corresponding workbooks added to each of them. They really needed fleshed out as they were made when I didn’t have clue as to what I was doing. I’m also doing a few aesthetic changes to the Spring ebook so it all looks like it’s a cohesive series.
As a super big thank you to those who have purchased the ebooks in the past, you’ll automatically get free download links for the new versions with the workbooks and everything no strings attached! It’s cause I love you and so much appreciate you buying my stuff (especially when I first started out!) Y’all gave me massive confidence to keep going even when the ebooks weren’t the most awesome thing ever (I want to use the word crap, hehehe, I’ve just gotten so much better at what I do!) I’ll also be selling them as a bundle so I’m excited about that!
Personally things have been going great. I was sitting in bed finishing my latest romance novel a few days ago (“A Night Like This” by Julia Quinn if you’re interested) and I had this epiphany of “Holy shit my life is perfect and I’m happy.” In the past it would’ve scared me to say it out loud, to own it, for fear that it would be snatched away the moment the words left my lips, but there it is. Listen up Universe, I’m happy and I’m grateful for it! There’s not a thing I would change right now aside from possibly doing this Blessing Manifesting thing full time, but that shall come when the time’s right!
Right now I’m walking on this happy little sunlight path, happy and content, knowing that there are shadows up ahead (as there always will be) but living in the moment, and right now the moment is blissful. 
So tell me about your week, about your life, about your journey. Walk with me on my path. If you want to walk with me in silence, that’s okay too. I know you are here with me, and I am there with you too. A word, a sentence, your life story, it’s all okay, and it is all welcomed here, you can also post completely anonymously in the comments if there’s something you want to get off your chest. Venting is totally okay here.