Sacred Journey: June 1st

Happy month of June my sweet Blossoms! How’s life treating you? In case you’re new to Blessing Manifesting, every Friday we have our Sacred Journey.

It’s where we all gather here and share love and support for each of our individual journeys.

One day I plan to have an online forum where we can all congregate and form bonds of sisterhood. Until then, this is enough. One day I will run an in-person, monthly, Red Tent gathering, until now, this is what I do. I create this online space where I invite you to sit with me and talk with me, and the other sweet souls who wander here. We all need a space to be ourselves and let our souls speak.

So here’s where I am right now. 

I’m finally recovering from the month of stress that was April. With finding a new apartment, figuring out how to move all of my stuff, and spending money I didn’t want to spend, it was stressful. I handled it pretty well although there were days where I’d dip into depression for a little while, I always managed to pull myself out before it got too bad. I’m still getting used to my new space but as it begins to transform into more “me”, I begin to love it even more.

I read and finished the Red Tent and I found myself in tears at the end of it, marveling at the capacity that we, as the wonderful human beings that we are, have for forgiveness and for love. It was truly a beautiful book and I look forward to sharing my review of it this Tuesday. Now I’m going to read Women Who Run With the Wolves, although I’ve heard it’s a difficult read.

I feel like big things are happening for me business-wise. I re-did my coaching and oracle readings page to better shine out with my “me”ness. Right now my Summer Blessings ebook (which I think will be renamed “Sacred Journey: Summer or something to that effect) is being nurtured inside of my creative womb, along with a Self-Love ecourse I really want to release by the end of the year. I’m really excited about it.

If you read last week’s Sacred Journey then you’ll know that a few days ago I went to the movies to see the Avengers (which was completely amazing by the way). I went with my best friend, his kids, and his wife that I used to be very close with until destructive habits on both our parts ended the friendship. I hadn’t seen her in the better part of a year. I was so nervous and worried about seeing her again. It went well, we both played nice and joked with each other and I even got a hug. After the movie when I was back at home I did start to feel a little bit of grief about what used to be. I felt the loss of sisterhood, of my first superclose female friend, and there was some sadness that I had to deal with.

I kept coming back to something a friend said on one of my posts. “I love you… from a distance.” Right now that’s good enough, that’s what’s nourishing, I’m happy that it seems that we’ve moved past the bad stuff of the past and can have good feelings towards each other even if it’s from a distance. I’m happy for the growth.

This month I really want to get back into making and creating art. It feels like it’s been so long since I painted anything and I feel my paints and brushes calling to me. I find myself painting in my daydreams. I need to manifest that into a reality.

So tell me lovely reader, what are your plans for this month? What was your hardest moment last month and how did you get through it? What made you joyful? I would love to hear anything you’d like to share!

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