Sacred Journey Through Journaling

Hello sweethearts!

I’ve been working, working, working, coming up with so much, brainstorming new ideas, and straining against every day life that leaves me feeling constricted as far as time to create goes.

I’m still working on my Summer ebook as well as waiting for the free time to create a series of seven ecourses which are going to be amazing, as well as my self love ecourse, which I can’t wait to get started on!

Lately I’ve really felt called to create something for you, to give back, to show appreciation, cause I love you, ya know? 

I’ve been asked so many times “How do you find things to write about?” and I can’t explain it any better than it just comes to me. I get inspired from everywhere, there are so many topics and so many things to write about and I just love that I never run out of things to say.

So I’m sharing that with you!

If you find yourself stuck in figuring out what to write, here’s a mini writing/journaling/blogging prompt mini-ecourse.

Sacred Journey Through Journaling is two weeks of prompts, sent straight to your email, meant to inspire you to get writing. They are deep, thoughtful, and insightful prompts. Each one comes with an inspiring quote from a famous writer, as well as little doodle of my own artwork.

It’s completely free and I would love for you to sign up. If you ever use any of the prompts in your own blog I’d love to give you a shoutout so send me the links so I can share, I would totally love to read what you have to write!

Happy writing!