Sanctuary + October Blogging Break!

Are you signed up for the newsletter? In one of the last issues I talked about how I had decided to take a blogging break in October and focus on creating stuff, like this month’s Monthly Challenge and the 2014 Self Love Workbook + Planner. Obviously I’ve made it three days in and hello… Blog! I love it too much to stay away. P.S. Have you noticed the new look?!

I also felt the need to take a step back, figure out if I’m going in the right direction, on a personal level as well as a business one. It’s a mix between Strange Brain Territory and Re-calibrating myself. Navigating growing pains are tricky business I always say.

I keep asking myself: What do you want?

On a deep level. Forgetting fear and putting aside what I think I can or can not do. What do I want? That’s a really important question and one that we should be asking ourselves all of the time. While also keeping something else in mind:

You are allowed to change your mind.

We are forever blossoming and withering, growing and transforming, and in each stage of that process, our needs change. I’m learning that’s okay. What I needed or wanted six months ago is not necessarily what I want now. So I’m taking time and space and deep breaths and asking myself that question. What do I want? Then I’m sitting with the answers. Or getting peeved with my brain because it’s coming up with Error 404 because it just doesn’t know. That happens sometimes. 

Every week I try to pull a card for you all. I ask the Universe what I need to remind you or what you need to know. This week had me pulling cards for myself from Oracle of the Mermaids and this one popped up and it couldn’t be more perfect. Maybe it will help you out too.

Privacy, inviolate personal space, respected boundaries and taboos. 

“There are times when you need to declare to the world, this is my time and this is my space.

For you, much time has been given to others, to caring for them, to looking over them, to watching for them, to loving them, bandaging, soothing them, satisfying them, feeding them… and now it is your time.You have the right to unviolated time out, time alone, during which you can be your whole self. 

It is time to declare your boundaries as sacred.”

Why yes, yes they are. So the rest of the month I shall honor my need for a lighter workload, for time to lounge about and discover how I’m growing this time. To take time to cherish and love all over Blessing Manifesting even if I’m not blogging. I’ll still be posting affirmations and inspiration on social media, as much for you as for me. All of the affirmations and self love tips serve as reminders for me too. Hopefully you’ll join me this month as honoring your boundaries as sacred.

Are your boundaries sacred? When was the last time you took time for yourself? Do you feel like you have “personal space”? I’d love to hear from you!