Seek Your Passion

Seek Your Passion

I don’t know if you’re like me, but once winter rolls around everything becomes… muted. It’s quiet and soft and puts me in mind of sitting silently by the window watching snowflakes fall. That’s how I feel inside. I don’t get extra sad or anything but things don’t seem as, well, awesome or exciting. My spirit and my mojo go on a bit of a hibernation. It’s harder to find that excitement and energy that makes you want to jump up and down with your arms thrown open whooping in glee while doing a little jig.

Anyone else want to bottle those feels for this time of the year? We pop open that bottle and it smells like summer flowers, sunshine, thunder storms and laughter. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Spring is just around the corner and I feel the spark of that feeling. It’s waking up, stretching languidly, and waiting for the right circumstances so it can burst forth with a little dance.

It’s time to get excited and seek your passion!

The Queen of Wands comes from the Journey into the Hidden Realm tarot deck that I’m really vibing with right now and it is a reminder to give yourself fodder for excitement. Give yourself opportunities to get that feeling that makes you want to jump and down squealing like a teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber.

Where are your opportunities for excitement?

Seriously, what things in the next few weeks are you looking forward to? It’s time to amp that up my love! Come up with plans and ideas and dates that get you pumped up. Plan something exciting for yourself. What things are waiting to be celebrated?

I have a little exercise for you: Think of your ideal self, that mythical creature that has all of the time and resources to do whatever she wants. What things does she fill her day with? What makes her happy? Maybe she paints all day, or gardens, or writes, or takes long naps in the sunshine.

Now make your heart happy with those things right now.

It might be on an itty bitty scale. You might not have the space to garden so you have to settle for something in a pot sitting on the window sill but how exciting is it to start, even in such a little way? I’m excited for you just thinking about it!

How will you seek your passion today?