moment for yourself

Self-Care: A Moment For Yourself

Self-Care Sunday, yay! Ready for your Self-Care Assignment? Before we get started I wanted to chat with you a little about what self-care is and why I love it so much, and am encouraging you to love it as well.

Self-Love is letting yourself see the beautiful light that is you. Working on your self-esteem, feeling good about who you are, loving your body the way it is. You stop the hate (or try to). You stop beating yourself up for being human, you stop hating your jiggly bits, your crooked teeth, your freckles, your weight. You love yourself the way you would your child, your spouse, or your best friend.

Self-Care is what you do to foster that sense of love. Those sweet, comforting, little things you do for yourself. When you allow yourself to practice self-care on a regular basis you stop ignoring your needs, you take the time to slow down and relax, and you’ll be a much happier person for it. You’ve heard the ol’ saying about putting on your oxygen mask before you help someone else. Self-care is your oxygen mask. If you are burnt out and grumpy from ignoring your needs then you probably aren’t giving your best to yourself or the people you love.

Self-care can be difficult.

When you are so used to giving your all to other people and the people around you – taking time for yourself is hard. When you’re used to just checking out on life and doing mindless things – checking into your life and into yourself is hard. Depression and anxiety have always made it hard for me to look outside of myself. While on the outside it looks like I’m taking time for myself – in reality I’m just there trying to get out of my head with video games or tv. It’s not something that’s nourishing me.

Your self-care assignment: I want you take 5-15 minutes today to really check-in with yourself. Use this time to get in touch with your body and your mood. Concentrate on your body first. Are you sore anywhere? Does your body feel drained or just feel ‘off’? How are you feeling mentally? Is it one of those days where you wish you could start all over? Are you happy and joyful? Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel and then go from there.

Do what you need to do for you. Take a moment for yourself.

I love you, ya know?

Big, gigantic Panda hugs!