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Self-Care Challenge + July Check-In!

Do you want to step up your self-care game? I created a mini-challenge just for you! It’s a bit word association. Do what feels good.

The summer sun is shining and like each brand new month, I am so excited about it. Each month is an opportunity to set intentions, create goals, and start with a brand new blank slate. In other words, we get to pretend that we can have our shit together for a whole 30 days. It doesn’t hurt to try though!

My goal every month is to make more progress than I did the month before. Even if I fall short, I’m still moving forward and that’s the part that matters. Our goal is not to completely turn our lives upside down, but to slowly add in nourishing and sustainable acts of self-care. So today I ask you the most important question:

What do you need right now?

Go from there. Whatever you’re feeling the lack of right here in this moment – make it your goal for July to focus on that. Create an intention to focus on sleep, moving your body, improving your relationships, or releasing all of that stress and tension that you’re holding onto in your neck and shoulders.

Now that you know what you need ask yourself how you can focus on that each day. Trying to go to bed 30 minutes earlier, creating a yoga practice, communicating more consciously with your partner, or long soaks in the tub with epsom salts. Even if you only make it every other day or every few days – you’re still winning.

If you want extra accountability, check out the daily Self-Care July pages – and make plans! Manage your time, schedule things, and make sure that you’re focusing on the things that make you feel better. And for an extra boost – join the SoulSisterhood for frequent self-care reminders.

July Self-Care Plan

Now let’s look at these shiny and new 31 days ahead of us. How are you going to practice self-care, how are you going to give yourself what you need and make this month full of love for you?

What do you need right now?
Cuddles? Love? Space? What everyone needs is different. You might need to make time to do yoga, go out, get fast food so you don’t have to cook, take a nap – what each person needs is different and that’s okay!

How is your body feeling?
Sometimes I can feel the anxiety building in my chest and cut it off before it really starts to affect me. Pay attention to the signs that your body is giving you. Rest, relax, recuperate, and prevent yourself from getting burnt out.

What boundaries do you need to enforce?
Are you saying yes to things you don’t want to do? Are you letting someone else infringe on your time/space boundaries? Take a stand for yourself. Set boundaries. “I need ___ right now.” should be part of your daily vocabulary.

Is there anything upsetting you or bothering you?
When you put off uncomfortable emotions they have a way of making themselves heard whether you want them to or not. Confront the things that are bothering you and do your best to deal with them. Communicate.

Have you taken care of your basic needs today?
There’s more to basic needs than shelter, food, water, and sleep. What are your basic needs? What’s something essential that helps you to function and feel good on a day-to-day basis? Do that thing.

What are you holding onto that you need to let of?
Guilt for not doing enough or being behind on something? Imposter syndrome. The Not-Good-Enoughs? Let go of the baggage. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Take the time to answer these questions and adjust yourself accordingly. Taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically, is what life is all about. Don’t neglect yourself. Love yourself.

Are you doing the July Self-Care Challenge?

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