Self-Care for Breakups: Toxic Relationships

self-care for breakups

I created Self-Care for Breakups because when our relationships fall apart - especially co-dependent, abusive, and toxic ones - it's important to practice self-care. Not all self-care is created equally and in this workbook, we base self-care on your type of breakup, the type of relationship you were in and the main emotions you're struggling with at the time.

In my first relationships, I was deeply co-dependent. I had such a yearning to be loved and wanted and to feel worthwhile that I continually lost myself in relationships. My identity disappeared. After my third relationship went up in flames I took several years to be single and to work on myself. I started this website, I blogged about self-love and self-care and I created an amazing life around myself. You'd think this is where I tell you about my happy ending right? Nope!

Even after all of that work, I fell straight into a toxic relationship and the effect that it had on me was extremely damaging. There was so much shame in finding myself in that situation. So much shame in staying as long as I did. So much disappointment in who I was.

Healing from relationships that are toxic, abusive, or codependent - require a deeper journey into who we are, why we stay, and how we can love ourselves better as we move forward.

That's what Self-Care for Breakups is all about - learning to love yourself better.

This workbook is for anyone who is struggling to move on from a relationship. While the focus is on more complicated breakups and relationships there's solid information that can help anyone who feels heartbroken and wants to explore those feelings.

Abusive Relationships: We explore the different types of abuse and categorize what types of abusive behaviors you encountered in your former relationship and the best type of self-care to practice moving forward.

Co-Dependent Relationships: What attracts us to co-dependent relationships and why trying to make your partner happy 24/7 at the expense of yourself is not only unhealthy but dangerous.

Narcissism in Relationships: Relationships with narcissists can be unbelievably psychologically damaging. They make you doubt reality, your sanity, and your worth as a human being and breakups can be especially hard even though the relationship was bad.


self-care for breakups


This workbook is full of self-care ideas split into different categories.

  • The kind of toxic relationship you may be healing from.
  • The type of abuse you may have experienced.
  • What kind of breakup you had.
  • Self-care for each emotion you're going through.
  • 30 Day Post-Break Up Self-Care Challenge
self-care for breakups


I go over many things related to breakups and how to navigate them in a healthy way.

  • How to handle Social Media during a breakup.
  • What abuse, codependence, and narcissism look like in relationships.
  • Why going no contact is often essential to your healing.
  • Why being single is not the worst thing to happen to you.
self-care for breakups


Journaling is always going to be my favorite tool for self-discovery, everyone should do it! I highly recommend that as you're going through the pages you have a notebook handy. There's room to write on the pages themselves but you will benefit so much more if you can flesh out those initial thoughts and feelings.

Take notes! If something you read triggers a feeling - write it down. Healing happens with your active participation.

self-care for heartbreak

What You’re Getting in Self-Care for Breakups!

-98-page print-at-home .pdf (There’s also a black and white version for easy printing) THIS IS A DIGITAL FILE!

-PDF has digital fill-in enabled which means you can fill out straight from your desktop computer

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Breakups are hard. I want you to know that you can get through this. Even on the days it feels like you can't. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of happy and healthy relationships. And you matter.

You matter.