Self-Care for Stress & Burnout

self-care for stress and burnoutSelf-care: actions that we take that promote wellbeing and happiness. When we think about self-care we often think about taking walks, meditating, and paying attention to how well we're sleeping. Those are all important things.

In this Self-Care for Stress & Burnout workbook, I wanted to take a different approach. You can Google "How to relieve stress" and come up with a ton of amazing suggestions (and you can also find some great suggestions in my Self-Love Workbook and in my Self-Care Planner).

What we don't talk about is how to analyze the systems in our lives that are creating the stress. This workbook is all about understanding the source of your stress and how you might be inadvertently contributing to that stress.

I also wanted to focus on burnout -  a result of excessive and prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress. While self-care can help prevent and alleviate burnout it's really important to understand how you got there to begin with!

What's in the Self-Care For Stress and Burnout Workbook?

  • A 40-Page PDF (with a black and white version for easy printing)
  • Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue (what they are and what's the difference)
  • Create a big list of stress
  • Finding your place on the stress scale
  • A detailed look at what Burnout looks like and feels like
  • Understanding what causes stress/burnout
  • The 12 stages of burnout and how we reach them
  • How people pleasing contributes to stress
  • Analyze where you're lacking support
  • See what needs you might be neglecting
  • How denial and justification can perpetuate stress
  • Are you at Chronic Burnout?
  • How to create multiple systems of support in your life
  • Make a list of ways you can fill up your cup
  • What recharges you?
  • Look at your emotional piggy bank and see what the withdraws and deposits look like
  • One stress at a time worksheet - how can you manage this specific stressor?


With all of my products, not only can you download them and print them out, but you can also fill them in straight from your computer or phone. With your phone, apps like XoDo or GoodNotes allow you to "write" inside the PDF. You can carry it around with you whenever you need it! You can also have the PDF printed from someplace like Staples or FedEx, if you'd prefer a physical copy!

self-care for stress and burnout