Self-Care for Your Sacral Chakra

You’ve probably heard about chakras but you might not know what they are. Let me give you the simple version.

Chakras are energy centers located in different parts of our bodies. It’s like there’s an electrical current flowing through your body and each one of your chakras are outlets that power certain physical and psychological aspects of your self. Sometimes those outlets blow a fuse and stop working and other times they get overloaded and start sparking. Chakras are considered “open” when our energies can flow easily through them. When our chakras are blocked we can find different problems and issues popping up in our lives and when they’re over-active you’ll start feeling WAY TOO MUCH.

It’s important to have opened and balanced chakras.

If you don’t buy into the whole concept of chakras, that’s okay! The idea of these different aspects of yourself is still relevant and you can apply it to your life in a really positive way. What we’re really doing is drawing attention to a certain part of your life and taking a look at how those things are working for you!

Today I wanted to share a little bit more about chakras. In January I gave you some info about the Root Chakra. Today we’re going to talk about the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra and is found below the belly button in the lower area of your abdomen and is associated with the color orange. Emotionally it governs your feelings and sexuality, sensuality, creativity and feeling desirable. Think of it as your Aphrodite Chakra. This is where your Goddess of sensuality lives.  This allows you to be open, to express affection and sexuality, and to be emotional.

Blocked: If your sacral chakra is blocked you find it difficult to be sexual or have sexual relationships. You might have a low libido or feel numb and detached when it comes to physical intimacy. This also bleeds over to your creativity and your ability to express yourself. If you feel like you’re suppressed and unable to express yourself in an emotional, sexual, or creative way – your chakra may be blocked.

Balanced: If your sacral chakra is balanced/open you have a positive outlook on sex and the ability to express that to your partner or when you’re with yourself. It’s also the ability to talk about those feelings. Creativity also comes into that ability to express yourself.

Overactive: If your chakra is overactive you might have an overactive sex drive that interrupts your life and relationships. There can be impulse issues and addiction issues also surrounding those feelings as well as extreme co-dependency on the people around you. Overactive means too much energy is flowing in so maybe you are able to express your feelings but it goes overboard to the end of aggressive. You might be able to create art, but you’re always starting something new and not able to finish what you start.

Self-Care for Your Sacral Chakra

To practice self-care for your sacral chakra you have to allow yourself to be open. Because of the nature of this chakra, a lot of the work usually involves going deep and doing heavy work. This chakra is likely to have a lot of shame and guilt surrounding it because of its connection to sexual feelings, a sensitive topic for many.

Give yourself healthy emotional outlets. Allow yourself to express your emotions. If you’re feeling emotionally constipated and feeling the need to get it out – try watching sad movies or listening to sad music to break the dam inside of yourself. If you have the opposite problem and your feelings tend to go overboard try practicing DBT.

Explore your creativity.

Sacred bath

Uncover damaging feelings about sexuality.


Get sexual.

Let go of toxic relationships or attachments

What needs aren’t being met

Connect with your body

Root Chakra Journaling
How do you feel about your home and the environment around yourself? Does it feel homey and like it fits you?

Where are you struggling in your life and how can you find more ease there?

Do you feel like you’re getting enough support from the people around you?

Are you able to have the general feeling that you are okay and things in your life will be okay?

Do you feel like you are able to move with obstacles and challenges instead of panicking and losing ground?

Mentally it affects how well you control yourself, whether or not you are susceptible to addiction, as well as your ability to handle sexual relationships as well as your creativity.
This chakra might be imbalanced if you have problems with your self-esteem, overly emotional, difficulty in expressing emotions, an under or overactive sex drive, co-dependency, or problems with feeling guilt and shame.
A few ways to heal those imbalances are with crystals such as citrine, carnelian, and tiger’s eye. You can place them in your receiving hand (usually the left one) and while breathing deep, let their energy flow through you. You can also lay down and meditate with the crystal placed over your chakra.
You can also experiment with essential oils such as orange, jasmine, and rose, all are oils which can help connect you to your sexuality.