Self-Care Game Pack

daily self-care pages

self-care gameAdd a little bit of a gaming aspect to your self-care routine! The Self-Care Gaming pack has six different digital worksheets that will add a little bit of fun to your day! Print them out from your home computer or fill them in digitally!

  • One WordSearch You can find all the words at once or one at a time - doing each act of self-care you find!
  • One Crossword Puzzle Digital fill-in is enabled, meaning you can fill it in right from your computer!
  • One Word Scramble Make a cup of tea and unscramble these 10 important self-care messages
  • Self-Care Bingo! Plan your day to make a bingo or check-in at the end of the day to see how if you got one.
  • Self-Care Dice Game Roll the dice and do the self-care activity on the space you land on.
  • Self-Care Board Game For each self-care activity you do, move that many spaces on the board.

With the exception of the wordsearch, all of the worksheets have digital fill-in enabled, which means if you have Adobe PDF Reader (it's free) you can fill in and save the PDFs right on your computer without printing them out! They also come with black and white versions for easy printing and blank versions of three of them so you can create your own!

daily self-care pages
July self-care

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