Self Care in May

Self Care in May!

Happy May my friends! It’s a brand new month and that means a brand new slate, full of opportunities to keep up on the things you’re doing right and do a little tinkering in those places in your life that need a little TLC.

So what’s your self care plan this month? Seriously! I know it may sound a little weird to sit down and make a list of nice things to do for yourself but humor me and do it anyway. And then check those things off of your list this month. If it motivates you, pretend that confetti is going to fall from the sky the moment you check off that very last thing.


So get out a pen and paper and make that list. Here are the important points.

Body Love: Do something sweet for your body. Yoga, walking, long, hot, showers. Anything that makes you feel better on a physical level. Doooooo it!

Life Love: What do you love? I mean really REALLY love? Painting, crocheting, dancing – do that thing that is yours and that makes you happy. Focus on living a good life this month, whatever that means for you.

Spirit Love: What makes your soul all shiny? Go to church if you haven’t been for awhile, meditate, listen to soulful music, spend some time connecting with Mama Nature.

You Love: I have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it: Treat yourself like you would your very best friend or the love-of-your-life. Go out of your way to do nice things for yourself. Be gentle and kind to you when you’re having a bad day or not feeling well.

What’s your self care plan for this month?

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